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The Highest Ethical Standard in South Dakota

Sioux Falls Referral Group

Join the referral group where connections are more than just leads or business deals. We're here to make a wave and change the business networking scene for the better.

Relationships that matter

Reliable. Trustworthy.

We specialize in what we do to ensure that your referral will be handled with the highest expertise possible.

Valuable Connections

We value each and every member of our community as an expert in their field. Our network is specially crafted to bring you the best opportunities available.

Online Presence

Our networking group takes a unique approach, allowing our members to have access to resources that can help them improve their digital marketing.

Volunteer Opportunities

We coordinate a large volunteer gathering at least once per quarter to ensure that all of our members can take time to give back to the community.

We've Given
We've Seeded
New Relationships
We've Consumed
Cups of Coffee
We've Staffed
Volunteer Hours

Connect With New Industries

Skilled Professionals. Insightful Presentations.

Each and every week we have a member of our group give a presentation on something they specialize in. These presentations can allow our members to help educate other members on key topics within their industry or even bring in a guest presenter to bring in outside expertise.

We provide a presentation TV and all of the hardware to connect, and each member has about 30 minutes to give a presentation on a topic that they are passionate about.

We’ve had presentations ranging from daily chiropractic health to Sioux Falls business development, giving us insight into not only our personal health, but the health of our community as well.

Work With Your Friends

Cooperative. Engaging.

Our members work hard to get to know each and every person within this group. We hold one on ones with each member to learn more about each professional and their skills.

The number one goal is to build lasting business relationships and friendships that allow for greater trust to be built between members.

We’re not about racking up lead numbers or aggressively selling – We’re about focusing on the right people, and getting the job done above and beyond the standard desired.

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